Who is Healthy Keith?

A man who has been called many things:  “Dr. Keith”, Life Coach, Herbalist, Father, Friend, Crazy, Generous . . .

I found the default “Hello world!” subject of the first post appropriate and amusing considering my career as a programmer.

The journey began a few years ago on a quest to fortify teeth and quell anxiety.  Sprouted bread and grass-fed butter became a staple and lemon balm capsules were taken for anxiety only to discover they also aided allergies.

The fitness/strength revolution began with an invitation to participate in a Spartan Race.  A runner when younger, I never appreciated the need for strength training and had the revelation fairly recently that strength training and flexibility are paramount to any fitness regimen.

Self diagnosed high-functioning Aspergers with low latent inhibition, so I absorb/analyze everything, distilling the truth and sharing it with those open to hearing it.

It all comes down to a desire to help and heal people, preferably using the “teaching to fish” model so nutritional awareness spreads like wildfire.

We also live busy lives, so I focus on identifying non intrusive habits to implement that don’t impact our lives other than to make them healthier and more awesome.  #IntegratedFitness

My hope is that people will learn how to heal themselves through proper nutrition, spread that knowledge, and live more fulfilling lives.  Everything is more fun when you’re fit!