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Light Weight Setup

I have a pretty sweet lightweight setup for Busking.

Can carry it all, and . . . it’s awesome having a folding wagon to make it even easier.


I have been using the Coolmusic P80 100 watt amplifier and super pleased with it.

It lasts for at least 10 hrs, has phantom power and

Coolmusic BP80 –

It also comes in Black

Coolmusic BP80 black –

If I were to get another one, I would probably procure the BP60D model for the additional mic input.

Coolmusic BP60D –


I did a bunch of research when looking for a mic.

The one I chose was developed in partnership with Sting – the artist – for his broad vocal range & intensity.

Just hosted a Jam Session in Woodstock, NY yesterday and everyone was Lovin’ It !

The Sennheiser e865 Super Cardioid Handheld Condenser Mic –


My main instrument is the Cordoba C7-CE CD-IN.

Solid Cedar Top makes it super warm sounding.
La Bella 830 ball end strings make it sound even more amazing.

Been playing it for about 5 years now. Love it.

Cordoba C7-CE CD-IN –

Folding Wagon

As I had said, a folding wagon is super sweet to have.

Here are a few options.


Love this little harmonica !

Super sweet rich sound & always a crowd pleaser


KayShyne LightHouse Music

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Expressing myself musically has been essential in my healing journey and is also a powerful tool for sharing that healing with others.

I tune to the HEART CHAKRA.

That’s how I selected my Heart Chakra Full Moon singing bowl. By playing my guitar the way I tune it by ear and finding the bowl that matched the resonance.

Here are some of my favorite session that were recorded and shared.

My first day exploring Austin, TX . . .

Jammin’ as Casa de Luz in Austin, TX . . .

Lost Parrot Cabins. Magickal Shangri La . . .

3 Session Playing at The FreightHouse Cafe . . .

Heart Songs

I seem to have a gift for creating heart songs that help people transmute trauma.