Up until this this moment, I’d been manifesting at the parking spot level. As in . . . trusting there will be a perfect parking spot waiting for me when driving to NYC. Time to Level Up!

The Epic Story of Sammy Truck . . .

The VIBE is definitely awesome at Michaels Auto Plaza !!!

Sammy Truck

I’ve been on an intense path of tapping into manifestation and staying in the vibration of dreams and plans already being done while remaining unattached to the outcome. This was also part of Upgrading my Wealth Frequency – #JesseElder.

The inspiration came to get the 4Runner that little Keith always dreamed of since college when his x-country running coach rocked one. A quick search and this sweet grey 2013 4Runner showed up, I saw four 4’s in the phone number and knew that was the truck for me…

This would be the most expensive vehicle purchase for me, in effect resetting the perception of the type of vehicle I envision myself driving and invite into my existence.

The appointment was set for the next day, October 18th. Everything is flowing as I drive an hour and 45 minutes north to go look at my new truck.

FIVE Minutes Away. . . Message from Dan to call and I’m told the truck was just purchased online by another dealer. Hmmm. I really feel like this is my truck and ask to see it anyway.

I meet Dan “The Man” Culbert and we connect right away. We both share having had a beloved pet recently transition and he has his new puppy with him. He tells me about Sparky while I pet his new little dude Sherman, and I share how my sweet boy Sam passing was a catalyst to get in gear with a new movement to spread Love and cleanup the planet . . . Earth Dawgs!


Super Sam !
Sherman – The Tank !

I take a look at the truck that is PRISTINE! Someone LOVED this truck. A quick little spin around the parking lot and I’m ready to drive it home.

Dan expresses how much he wants me to be able to have the truck which he doesn’t envision happening unless the truck fails some part of inspection and they find something wrong.

I tell him “Dan, I still feel like somehow this is my truck. I’m going to trust it and stay in that feeling…” I thank him for his time and for the honor of getting to meet and know him.

Right across the street is a Walgreens where I stop to find something to snack on for the ride home. I linger longer than usual – a combination of limited organic/Non-GMO selections and reflecting on that the truck appeared to have been sold while remaining unattached to that possibility.

My Phone Rings . . .

Dan says . . . “Do you still want the truck?”

I say, “You bet I Do!”

As I drive back across the street and get out of my car, Dan walks up and he’s like “ I don’t know who you PRAYED to . . . Mike says he wants to sell you the car instead. I asked him if that’s normal procedure and why he was choosing to do that . . . and Mike responded that he was just in a good mood.”

I prayed to my spirit warrior Super Sam with his limitless lighthouse spirit of pure love. He made a few spiritual calls and was like. . . “Make it happen for my main man Keith”.

That’s NOT All Folks . . . .

Being a budding entrepreneur without the typical paystubs to show, for the loan I was looking to procure Dan expressed that most likely they would like to see 3 months of bank statements. I didn’t particularly feel like doing that and trusted it would all work out. We submitted the application and I left a deposit.

WHAT IF? . . .

I took out my Magic Sharpie and wrote . . .


11:11 AM – Tuesday the next day. A text message from Dan. 2 Approvals. One very favorable. Please call soon.

One of the loans has a great rate, doesn’t want any paperwork, and just requested a bit more for the initial payment.

It is Done, It is Done, It is Done.

The next day I head up to get my New Truck!!! I stop at the bank and pickup some Stacks of Cash, which added to the feeling of abundance, and let Dan know I’m on the way.

The paperwork goes super smoothly and I’m on my way.

Keep in mind. I decided to get this truck without ever having driven it out of the parking lot. The energy at Michael’s Auto Plaza felt so right and full of INTEGRITY, I had full faith.

The truck runs beautifully and even has a PARTY MODE button that cranks the sound system up for when you really want to get into a song.

Thank you to Dan and Michael’s Auto Plaza for being an instrumental element of a powerful manifestation and treating your customers with respect and integrity.