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Light Weight Setup

I have a pretty sweet lightweight setup for Busking.

Can carry it all, and . . . it’s awesome having a folding wagon to make it even easier.


I have been using the Coolmusic P80 100 watt amplifier and super pleased with it.

It lasts for at least 10 hrs, has phantom power and

Coolmusic BP80 –

It also comes in Black

Coolmusic BP80 black –

If I were to get another one, I would probably procure the BP60D model for the additional mic input.

Coolmusic BP60D –


I did a bunch of research when looking for a mic.

The one I chose was developed in partnership with Sting – the artist – for his broad vocal range & intensity.

Just hosted a Jam Session in Woodstock, NY yesterday and everyone was Lovin’ It !

The Sennheiser e865 Super Cardioid Handheld Condenser Mic –


My main instrument is the Cordoba C7-CE CD-IN.

Solid Cedar Top makes it super warm sounding.
La Bella 830 ball end strings make it sound even more amazing.

Been playing it for about 5 years now. Love it.

Cordoba C7-CE CD-IN –

Folding Wagon

As I had said, a folding wagon is super sweet to have.

Here are a few options.


Love this little harmonica !

Super sweet rich sound & always a crowd pleaser


The Healer

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  • People I’ve just met have always felt comfortable sharing very personal details of their life, often to their own surprise . . .”I can’t believe I’m telling you this . . .”
  • Animals are naturally drawn to me . . . and I to them
  • People say they feel better just being in my vicinity
  • I feel others’ emotions very powerfully

High Level Healer Training In Texas

My trip to Texas was High Level Healer Training! The conscious community there is abundant

Medicine For The People conscious music festival is were the real magick started as a healing was put on me by a beautiful being name Yahyah with a Herkimer Diamond Quartz . . . and for the first time in my life . . . I saw a true reflection of the love I’ve always given to others.

Helping People to Remember How Magickal They Are

My Magickal Friend Jerika channeled the following words.

Kim says . . .

Crystals, Hearts Songs, & NLP

What I learned about the Herkimer Diamond, is that it’s ultimately not about the Crystal, it’s about the Heart of one person connecting with the Heart of another.

As a musician, I’ve created what I like to call “Heart Songs”. Writing a song about something traumatic/emotional to help transmute the energy and heal the heart.

We are constantly weaving spells with our words. “Grand Rising” instead of “Good Morning”. “I would love to have some assistance” instead of “would you mind helping me”. Change the way you speak about yourself and others both out loud and in your head, you can create a whole new reality for yourself.


KayShyne LightHouse Music

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Expressing myself musically has been essential in my healing journey and is also a powerful tool for sharing that healing with others.

I tune to the HEART CHAKRA.

That’s how I selected my Heart Chakra Full Moon singing bowl. By playing my guitar the way I tune it by ear and finding the bowl that matched the resonance.

Here are some of my favorite session that were recorded and shared.

My first day exploring Austin, TX . . .

Jammin’ as Casa de Luz in Austin, TX . . .

Lost Parrot Cabins. Magickal Shangri La . . .

3 Session Playing at The FreightHouse Cafe . . .

Heart Songs

I seem to have a gift for creating heart songs that help people transmute trauma.


Sammy Truck : An Epic Tale of Magical Manifestation

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Up until this this moment, I’d been manifesting at the parking spot level. As in . . . trusting there will be a perfect parking spot waiting for me when driving to NYC. Time to Level Up!

The Epic Story of Sammy Truck . . .

The VIBE is definitely awesome at Michaels Auto Plaza !!!

Sammy Truck

I’ve been on an intense path of tapping into manifestation and staying in the vibration of dreams and plans already being done while remaining unattached to the outcome. This was also part of Upgrading my Wealth Frequency – #JesseElder.

The inspiration came to get the 4Runner that little Keith always dreamed of since college when his x-country running coach rocked one. A quick search and this sweet grey 2013 4Runner showed up, I saw four 4’s in the phone number and knew that was the truck for me…

This would be the most expensive vehicle purchase for me, in effect resetting the perception of the type of vehicle I envision myself driving and invite into my existence.

The appointment was set for the next day, October 18th. Everything is flowing as I drive an hour and 45 minutes north to go look at my new truck.

FIVE Minutes Away. . . Message from Dan to call and I’m told the truck was just purchased online by another dealer. Hmmm. I really feel like this is my truck and ask to see it anyway.

I meet Dan “The Man” Culbert and we connect right away. We both share having had a beloved pet recently transition and he has his new puppy with him. He tells me about Sparky while I pet his new little dude Sherman, and I share how my sweet boy Sam passing was a catalyst to get in gear with a new movement to spread Love and cleanup the planet . . . Earth Dawgs!

Super Sam !
Sherman – The Tank !

I take a look at the truck that is PRISTINE! Someone LOVED this truck. A quick little spin around the parking lot and I’m ready to drive it home.

Dan expresses how much he wants me to be able to have the truck which he doesn’t envision happening unless the truck fails some part of inspection and they find something wrong.

I tell him “Dan, I still feel like somehow this is my truck. I’m going to trust it and stay in that feeling…” I thank him for his time and for the honor of getting to meet and know him.

Right across the street is a Walgreens where I stop to find something to snack on for the ride home. I linger longer than usual – a combination of limited organic/Non-GMO selections and reflecting on that the truck appeared to have been sold while remaining unattached to that possibility.

My Phone Rings . . .

Dan says . . . “Do you still want the truck?”

I say, “You bet I Do!”

As I drive back across the street and get out of my car, Dan walks up and he’s like “ I don’t know who you PRAYED to . . . Mike says he wants to sell you the car instead. I asked him if that’s normal procedure and why he was choosing to do that . . . and Mike responded that he was just in a good mood.”

I prayed to my spirit warrior Super Sam with his limitless lighthouse spirit of pure love. He made a few spiritual calls and was like. . . “Make it happen for my main man Keith”.

That’s NOT All Folks . . . .

Being a budding entrepreneur without the typical paystubs to show, for the loan I was looking to procure Dan expressed that most likely they would like to see 3 months of bank statements. I didn’t particularly feel like doing that and trusted it would all work out. We submitted the application and I left a deposit.

WHAT IF? . . .

I took out my Magic Sharpie and wrote . . .


11:11 AM – Tuesday the next day. A text message from Dan. 2 Approvals. One very favorable. Please call soon.

One of the loans has a great rate, doesn’t want any paperwork, and just requested a bit more for the initial payment.

It is Done, It is Done, It is Done.

The next day I head up to get my New Truck!!! I stop at the bank and pickup some Stacks of Cash, which added to the feeling of abundance, and let Dan know I’m on the way.

The paperwork goes super smoothly and I’m on my way.

Keep in mind. I decided to get this truck without ever having driven it out of the parking lot. The energy at Michael’s Auto Plaza felt so right and full of INTEGRITY, I had full faith.

The truck runs beautifully and even has a PARTY MODE button that cranks the sound system up for when you really want to get into a song.

Thank you to Dan and Michael’s Auto Plaza for being an instrumental element of a powerful manifestation and treating your customers with respect and integrity.


Turbo Detox: Top 5 Most Powerful Detox Protocols

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Hold onto your Oh Shiznit Handles!

Get ready to be a little uncomfortable at times (detox symptoms). . .

but you already don’t feel so great anyway, so what do you have to lose?

(hint: inflamation, indigestion, joint discomfort, fatigue, etc would be some nice things to lose)

When I tap into something that I feel is cleansing my body and bringing me to a different level of awareness/fitness/wellbeing, I test the limits of the symptoms I can tolerate to get the toxins out as quickly as possible.

This article is a high level overview of the most powerful detox protocols I’ve experienced on the healing journey that will most likely get updated with more detail as I have more time to spend on it. For now it’s important to just get the info out there.

Let’s also get it out of the way to say . . .

I’m not offering any medical advice . . .

just the “pudding proofs” of my experiences going on a quest to find health, peace, balance, and well being. Take from it what you may, seek advice from the people you trust regarding your health and wellness, and most importantly. . . Listen to your body.

The first thing that made me pause and realize I had stumbled upon the truth was Urine Therapy. After 10 years of trying at the very least hundreds – if not into the thousands – of natural health products, I was tested by an Ayurvedic practitioner and found to be CHOCK FULL of PARASITES and HEAVY METALS!!!

This was shortly after having discovered and having begun urine therapy. The deep knowing that my teeth were now on a path to healing themselves after lifelong challenges permeated my being with the first sip…

Leading me into the first healing modality . . .

1 – Distilled Liquids

Drinking distilled liquids, and plenty of them, is a great way to detox. Any time you find water in nature, or water is re/created in nature, it’s in a structured/distilled state.

Precipitation(snow, rain, dew, etc), Distilled Water, Water in raw fruits and veggies, Golden Elixir of Life (Urine)

The golden number to make a habit is a gallon per day or more. Think of a flowing river; when it’s not flowing very fast, sediment and silt gather on the bottom, but when it’s raging from a storm, anything that may have gathered gets washed out and you have only clean clear large rocks that remain on the bottom.

Regardless of the type of detoxing you’re doing, proper hydration is doing yourself a big favor and showing some major self-love.

Some more info on distilled liquids

2 – Fulvic / Humic Acid – The BOO – Get Magnetized!

Fulvic / Humic acid is a powerful magnet for toxins in my experience. I liken it to Bentonite Clay in some ways, with the way it sticks to dirt and toxins. Toxins have a positive charge and things like fulvic/humic acid and bentonite clay have a negative charge, drawing them out like magnets.

There are different types and strengths of magnets and likewise different levels off toxin scrubbers. So far in my experience, the stickiest most powerful toxin scrubber is the BOO (Black Oxygen Organics Fulvic/Humic acid).

Something that I feel about the BOO is that it not only pulls toxins powerfully, but also provides nutrients and building blocks for our bodies and cells.

I also feel these types of magnetic detoxifiers increase circulation and blood flow, which is always beneficial to health.

3 – DMSO – Super Anti-Oxidant and Penetrant

DMSO is a powerful anti-Oxidant and deep penetrant capable of crossing the blood brain barrier.

scavenges free radicals

increases blood flow

decreases pain

penetrates the blood brain barrier

The thing I noticed with DMSO, other than the lovely aroma, was my eyesight improving. I noticed my eyesight improving before I looked it up and discovered it was a common side effect, so I know it wasn’t the placebo effect in action.

I drink it, I have several 70% creams mixed with Aloe and some other herbs. It get’s rubbed on after my aged Orin rub down before getting some sun medicine. It gets rubbed on sore muscles / joints if there are any. It get’s appled to any cuts/injuries.

Here’s an article I found on FitTipDaily with some more info until I put together my own page on the subject.

4 – Zalmanov Pine Gum Turpentine Emulsion – Capillary Action!

It’s all about the FLOW baby! This was another product I ordered and let sit around for 6-12 months before actually trying it.

The basic concept is that capillaries die off and shut down and then certain cells and tissues stop getting proper blood and energetic support and that’s what causes aging.

Zalmanov Turpentine Emulsion baths restore capillary function and thus theoretically reverse the effects of aging.

Here’s the best source I’ve found for info on the emulsion baths.

I don’t know that I can say anything specific about the Zalmanov emulsion experience other than that it felt like it SuperCharged everything I was already doing that much more as it was one of the last protocols I implemented.

Everyone pretty much agrees that sweating is an awesome detox, and this definitely made me sweat, so that’s a pretty good sign to me some awesome detox is going on.

5 – Bone Flesh and Cartilage powder – Bone Knit

This is a product I use by Dr. Christopher. It has several ingredients, and one that shouldn’t be used internally according to the FDA. Ultimately, if there’s any natural plant or herb or seed that’s restricted by any regulatory organization, that’s something I want to try, because it must be very healing. At least that’s been my experience when researching any plant that is restricted.

Again. . . I’m not promoting, or even suggesting, anyone else try what I’m trying. Just sharing my experience.

I tend to jump in with both feet and see what happens . . .

The first time I started using BF&C powder was after having participated in several Spartan Races and having had very sore feet during most of the races. Once I started having BF&C Tea about 30 minutes before the race started, NO MORE PAIN !!! Totally blew my mind.

I now have BF&C Tea most days taking a break here and there as a natural flow and cycle.

Dr. Christopher’s general philosophy from my inner-standing with most things is to:

  • cycle 6 days on 1 day off
  • cycle 6 weeks on 1 week off
  • cycle 6 months on 1 month off

This gives the body a chance to re-balance without the external input and also for you to get a sense of what it’s actually doing for you.

The ingredients are as follows:

  • White Oak Bark
  • Comfrey Root
  • Marshmallow Root
  • Mullein Leaf
  • Black Walnut Leaf
  • Gravel Root
  • Wormwood Herb
  • Lobelia Herb
  • Scullcap Herb

Each one of these ingredients is a powerhouse on it’s own.

There will always be a bag of BF&C powder in my medicine cabinet. Period.

The first thing I reach for with any type of pain.

Research the ingredients and decide for yourself.

Here are a few neat testimonials about Comfrey . . .

What’s interesting about the testimonials on this site is much of it has been REDACTED because people in the natural healing arena find it wise not mention specific conditions for which there is a medication providing profit to the pharma industry.

Here’s a good article with some more info on internal vs external use to help make your own decisions . . .

Another Great Article on Comfrey !

6 – Bonus Foundational Medicine – Magnesium Oil

Magnesium Oil was the first product I would share with people as Healthy Keith. Having forgotten to be consistent with it and recently being reminded to do so when advising someone else to start the practice, magnesium oil is a foundational type of element of which most people find themselves deficient.

Simple test. Spray magnesium oil on your skin. If it itches, you’re pretty much low and could use a top up!

It’s great for sore / crampy muscles, it’s calming for anxiety and great for headaches, it makes many functions of the body more in balance and in the flow.

Bonus is that it’s super simple to make and very cost effective for the maintenance of your health and well being.

What have I discovered after all this Detox ?

The less food I eat, the better I feel.

We’re eating ourselves to Death.

Deep Breathing and Sunshine and Standing Barefoot on the Earth is much better nourishment than a chocolate chip muffin.

Our bodies are not meant to get burned by the Sun . . . It’s only because we have dirty blood unable to absorb the abundant energy.

The most powerful medicine I’ve experienced comes from within . . .

Our thoughts and intentions and vibration are ultimately what determine our state of being regardless of the supplements we’re taking.

Choosing to Feel the Feeling FIRST of Joy, Peace, Health, Abundance is the key.

I feel better and more fit with much less effort at 48 than I did at 18 when I was running 50-60 miles a week for x-country and working out in the weight room.

I feel like I have more testosterone flowing through my body and recover/heal more quickly than at any time in my life.

The best part . . . I already feel this amazing and know there are so many more levels of feeling awesome still ahead of me.

I’ve just tapped into the tip of the iceberg and things are opening up exponentially now.

It’s all actually very simple. The truth is never complicated.


How to Make Magnesium Oil – the Master Mineral

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Magnesium oil is typically what I introduce people to first when spreading health and wellness.  It’s an easy sell.

Someone mentions an ache or a pain, sore or cramping muscle, anxiety, a headache, grey hair, odorous feet or underarms . . . there are countless opportunities to interject  “magnesium oil would likely provide some relief”.  Plus, it smells nice (at least the way I make it).

Presentation and formulation appear to be paramount to people being open to trying new things.  They want to be healthy, but not if it’s a bit too uncomfortable for moments.  My belief is you’ll find my method of preparation quite agreeable.

Background –

The standard recommendation for magnesium oil is to mix equal parts distilled water and magnesium flakes.  Obviously deficient, the first time I tried it full strength it did a little more than tingle, rinsing my arm with water vigorously to quell the burning sensation.  It didn’t help that I tried it on the tender inner forearm skin.  Testing on less sensitive skin areas first to gauge sensitivity is highly recommended.

I dialed it waaaay back from there to quarter strength and mixed it that way for quite some time.  Modified my formula again because it didn’t feel quite strong enough and mix about half strength now to portion into blue glass spray bottles.

What you Need – 

Magnesium Oil  –  1/2 cup
Distilled Water  –  1 1/4 cup
Essential Oils (optional)
Mixing Vessel (I use a mason jar)
Spray Bottles

Buying vs DIY – You can always go to the health store or online to buy a bottle of magnesium oil, but personally would find that difficult to swallow considering the savings involved when mixing yourself, unless in a pinch and that’s all that’s available.  To each their own.

Essential Oil – From the beginning I’ve added essential oil to the bottles I create.  I find the aroma is pleasing and experiment a bit with different oils.  My standard formula is several drops each of cedarwood oil, lavendar oil, rosemary oil, and .  I add 2 drops of each per bottle.

Benefits – 

  • Reduced risk of heart attack and stroke
  • Excellent for muscle cramps and muscle soreness
  • Calming effect on the mood
  • Helps build strong bones and teeth
  • Promotes restful sleep (massage on feet before dream time)

Risks – Skin can itch/burn and feel quite irritated if you’re deficient in magnesium, especially in areas where the skin is tender like the inner forearms.

If the magnesium is irritating the skin,

  • it may be washed off with simple water.
  • Dilute the spray with distilled water until you build up enough magnesium in your system to reduce your reaction for a stronger concentration.

My Formula –

I use a 2 cup mason jar to mix with measurement marks on the side.

Anecdotes –

I decided during this article I’ll try to format for now of getting to the meat of things quickly, positioning more lengthy anecdotes toward the end for those who care to scroll.

I hope you enjoy my prose and point of view.