I’m out to prove the pudding that Love is a currency. Every time I go anywhere and interact with other beings, there is always some type of vibrational elevation as a natural result that can only be a good thing for the entire multi-verse.

Easy access links below to Magnify the Love I spread around. Below the links I’ll Expand a bit more about how I envision spreading Love and Healing like a true Shaman. Comment “LoveSeed Donation”. . .

Please also feel free to leave a comment if you’ve experienced or witnessed Healthy Keith spreading Love and Healing. Especially in the last few months in Texas . . . Shout out to ATX !!!

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The Vision is to go around being a LightHouse and spreading Love and Healing Vibrations through my music and words.

The Vision is to spread the healing where inspired, not according to who has the money to pay for the service . . .

The Vision is to be an Exponential Love Magnifier following my heart and intuition helping people to remember to love themselves and shyne brightly.

In the image below was the beautiful group of people supporting Helping Hands to feed people with healthy macrobiotic meals who might not be used to eating that way. One of my favorite days magnifying love at Casa De Luz !!

I’m very much into numerology. It should be very easy to get to 10k followers and if everyone donates only $11, that makes over $100k of abundance to Multiply and Magnify!

Since I found so much healing at conscious music festivals, the Vision is to organize a festival at the end of the summer in Texas and give priority on attending to those who magnify the love here.

Please select a number that resonates when making a donation to magnify love . . .