• People I’ve just met have always felt comfortable sharing very personal details of their life, often to their own surprise . . .”I can’t believe I’m telling you this . . .”
  • Animals are naturally drawn to me . . . and I to them
  • People say they feel better just being in my vicinity
  • I feel others’ emotions very powerfully

High Level Healer Training In Texas

My trip to Texas was High Level Healer Training! The conscious community there is abundant

Medicine For The People conscious music festival is were the real magick started as a healing was put on me by a beautiful being name Yahyah with a Herkimer Diamond Quartz . . . and for the first time in my life . . . I saw a true reflection of the love I’ve always given to others.

Helping People to Remember How Magickal They Are

My Magickal Friend Jerika channeled the following words.

Kim says . . .

Crystals, Hearts Songs, & NLP

What I learned about the Herkimer Diamond, is that it’s ultimately not about the Crystal, it’s about the Heart of one person connecting with the Heart of another.

As a musician, I’ve created what I like to call “Heart Songs”. Writing a song about something traumatic/emotional to help transmute the energy and heal the heart.

We are constantly weaving spells with our words. “Grand Rising” instead of “Good Morning”. “I would love to have some assistance” instead of “would you mind helping me”. Change the way you speak about yourself and others both out loud and in your head, you can create a whole new reality for yourself.